The Temple Bar Challenge

The new band on Grafton Street

High tech, fast paced and action packed.

This is a scavenger hunt like no other. Each team is provided with our unique G.P.S. enabled smart phone and has to race against the clock to complete the challenges on the streets of Temple Bar.

Challenges are delivered live, through each team’s phone, so you never know what’s coming next….. dress up as a leprechaun, form a conga line, sing into a microphone, play music on the streets, serve a customer in a restaurant……. you never know.

And when you look back at all the photos after you’ve completed the challenge, you’ll be amazed what you can do on the streets of Dublin.

– 1.5 hour event
– Smart phone provided to each team
– Prizes for the winning team
– USB stick with all photos/videos provided for group leader

– Minimum 20 people
– €7 per person

The Temple Bar Challenge is hilarious!
Click here to see some of the photos on facebook.